Accessibility for TWINT AG

With the support of AdNovum's accessibility team, TWINT can ensure the accessibility of its mobile payment app and empower visually impaired individuals to use the app independently.

In order to develop the mobile payment app barrier-free, TWINT contracted the accessibility services of AdNovum. The accessibility team of AdNovum carried out several accessibility and usability tests and summarized the identified barriers, including solution suggestions, in one report. Furthermore, it supported TWINT in bug-fixing.


The customer

The mobile payment app from TWINT enables the customer to pay with his mobile device at the point of sale, to redeem coupons, to store customer cards, and to transfer money peer-to-peer. The loading of funds works via the direct binding of the bank or post office account, vouchers, LSV or DD procedures, or at the Postomat.


With its innovative app, TWINT promotes a faster and smoother shopping experience for both the customer and the retailer.

The project

The smartphone as a mobile means of payment and thus the accessibility of mobile applications is becoming increasingly important. In a previous version it was not possible for a blind user to pay using the app. Many disadvantages of the cash payment, such as the handling of the banknotes or the control of the change received back after a purchase, can be solved by a mobile payment app. TWINT recognized this opportunity and involved AdNovum’s accessibility team.


  • The goal: Make the mobile payment app accessible to all users.
  • The process: AdNovum carried out accessibility and usability tests, documented the issues and supported TWINT in the implementation of the proposed solutions.
  • The result: The app is independently and successfully operated by a visually impaired or blind user. TWINT gained a comprehensive understanding of accessibility.

The benefits

The benefits of accessibility are:


  • TWINT reaches and supports new users
  • Reduce the cost of support for the visually impaired and blind users by enabling them to interact with the app independently
  • Active participation in testing allows TWINT direct interaction and thus a deeper insight into the operation of the app
  • Increased usability and customer satisfaction for all users


‹‹Testing by a blind person has opened our eyes in many ways: on the one hand, bug reporting through the direct interaction was much easier, but on the other hand it was also interesting that we were able to test and improve general usability through accessibility testing.››
Josephine Scherler, former Head of Frontend, TWINT

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