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Mobile Banking for UBS

The UBS Group AG is the foremost universal bank for private, corporate and institutional clients in Switzerland and a leading global player in wealth and asset management.

The project 

In 2010, UBS already had a vast public application landscape made up of native, standalone applications spread over different departments. However, UBS desired a mobile banking app that united its online offering and followed the shift of customers' online activities to mobile devices.


The goal: Not only to set up a coordinated mobile program that provides a common look and feel for the UBS online apps, but also to create a mobile banking app that transposes the established desktop e-banking services of UBS to smartphones.

The process: The immense task of both unifying and integrating the UBS application landscape required extensive technical and architectural planning. The first iPhone version was based on PhoneGap, which on the one hand facilitated a quick port to the Android operating system within six months; on the other, it paved the way for easily implemented upgrades and expansions, which, alongside Adnovum's continuous maintenance and support, ensure the reliability and enduring popularity of UBS Mobile Banking.

The result: A comprehensive and secure mobile banking app, optimized for use with both smartphones and tablets, that befits the status of UBS and has ranked among the top-rated mobile banking apps in Switzerland since its release. Customers can access their accounts and manage their credit cards and portfolios safely through anonymized and encrypted data transfers. The functionality of scanning payment slips for paying bills and conducting other transactions offers utmost convenience and helps avoid error-prone typing processes. With regular upgrades and added functionalities, the app continues to set the bar in mobile banking in Switzerland.

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With a history reaching back over 150 years, UBS has united over 370 financial institutions as well as their expertise in banking and finances to form the preeminent universal bank in Switzerland. As a financial institution encompassing over 66'000 employees at 1000 locations in more than 50 countries, UBS furthermore is a global player in asset and wealth management and the world's leading manager of private assets, with over 3 billion US dollars in its care.

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Benefits for UBS and users of UBS Mobile Banking

A successful mobile app that put UBS at the forefront of mobile banking and remains one of the most widely used and most popular banking apps to this day

Cost-efficient updates and expansions due to the PhoneGap setup

High security with the Nevis security framework

A reference application for subsequent mobile applications of UBS

Customers have easy access to their financial accounts and portfolio

The app underpins UBS' ambition to remain a leading provider of first-class digital banking services