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Internet of Things (IoT)

Real-time, data-driven decisions

Improve efficiency through real-time data collection. Streamline your operations and automate processes.

Benefits of IoT Solutions

Leveraging real-time data of drivers, shipments, utilization of goods, assets, and their environment allows an unprecedented level of process automation, increased visibility and enhanced security. Dispatching can optimize the utilization of resources and predict maintenance, thus reducing costs. QA specialists can benefit from real-time monitoring and ensure the highest, verifiable, quality of service for your customers. Customers are provided with a better experience as their needs can be predicted and they benefit from the increased visibility on shipments and assets.  

Do you still just collect IoT data or do you already monetize IoT data?

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Improve efficiency of operational processes and save on logistics costs

Collecting IoT data allows for increased efficiency and cost savings in transportation and logistics operations. By connecting, managing, and automating processes, IoT solutions can provide data and analytics that enable real-time, informed decisions and actions. This results in improved operational processes and cost savings. Customers’ needs can be anticipated and proactively contacted.

Get a 360-degree view on your supply chain

Having a 360° view on all your assets helps increasing supply chain visibility and reduces asset loss and misplacement. Real-time information about movement of goods and assets also makes it easier to ensure compliance with regulations and facilitates inventory management.

Reduce operational risks 

IoT provides accurate and consistent data on your operation. It can be used to trigger alerts if abnormal behavior occurs and allows you to proactively take corrective actions to avoid disruptions and unexpected equipment failures.

Improve customer service 

Reduce unnecessary customer interactions by giving them 24/7 access to reliable information. Allow them to manage their orders and assets 24/7 and increase transparency and ease of use.

An example with streamlined truck tracking

Dispatchers are able to track vehicles and optimize delivery plans for efficient execution. Cloud services deliver insightful predictions and forecasts. Customers gain peace of mind with estimated arrival times and real-time vehicle location displayed on an interactive map. Equipped with IoT sensors, vehicles transmit precise geolocation and telematic data, ensuring flawless monitoring. This real-time tracking process enhances transparency and maximizes operational effectiveness.

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«With ConcreteDirect we gain an innovative platform that unites and simplifies all processes, from ordering and tracking to the delivery of ready-mix concrete.»

Johann von Georg

Global Digital Lead RMX, Holcim