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Jenny, where start-up vibes and project management meet

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As a Senior Project Manager with Adnovum, start-up founder of the sustainability-focused company «Enchar» and mother of a little boy, Jenny Peurois is constantly juggling responsibilities. Here’s an inspiring insight into her world.

Dear Jenny

Born in Ukraine, you moved to Germany when you were 7 years old and have been living in Zurich for 2.5 years. Since leaving Ukraine, you have moved several times – after Frankfurt and Darmstadt to Lyon, London, Essen, Berlin, Munich, Geneva and now Zurich – and you speak four languages fluently (English, French, German, and Russian).

You are also well-trained: You hold a B.A. in Industrial Engineering and an M.A. in Sustainable Energy Futures. Currently, you work 80% as a Senior Project Manager at Adnovum. Two years ago, you also founded your own start-up company Enchar and recently became a mom. Tell us more!  

Together with my husband and another person, I founded the sustainability company Enchar with the aim of promoting the use of biochar. Biochar has the potential to significantly reduce emissions in agriculture – but also in other industries – which is at least a small contribution to combating global warming. We primarily take care of the match-making between suppliers and buyers in the industry. You might also call us «biochar brokers». 


Super exciting! How did this come about and to what extent do your two jobs complement each other? 

I always wanted to do something that would have a visible, positive impact as quickly as possible. At Adnovum, I work on software projects that have an enormous reach and significance. It's a great feeling to test a final product that we have developed and see what it makes possible.  

At Enchar, I have the opportunity to take biochar to where it will bring the greatest benefit to customers and the environment by developing our platform. I came across biochar through my husband, who was into the subject of «terra preta».  

In both jobs, I deal with the development of digital products and business areas. What I do and learn at Enchar, I can also use at Adnovum and vice versa. So the two jobs complement each other perfectly.  

And how do you balance your work for Adnovum and your self-employment? 

Adnovum gives me a lot of flexibility and trust, which I really appreciate. However, I think it helps to define boundaries so that you can avoid «content switching». I have therefore also defined specific days on which I am fully dedicated to Adnovum and times that I devote entirely to Enchar.  

Which Adnovum projects are you particularly proud of? Or which projects were you able to benefit from in particular? 

My biggest Adnovum project to date was Concrete Direct for Holcim. I worked on this for two years. The aim of this project was to create various apps and synchronize them with each other so that everyone involved in the process – customers, manufacturers, and suppliers – knows what is happening with the concrete at all times. The apps were rolled out on an international scale and met with a great response. 

I'm also working on another project, but that's confidential. Therefore, I can't say anything about it. In addition, I was involved in a conversational AI project and supported business development at Adnovum.  


Can you give us a few examples of situations in which you felt well supported by Adnovum on your career path?

Shortly before my first day at Adnovum, I broke my foot and had to have surgery. I found the fact that I was sent a bouquet of flowers with get-well wishes super warm-hearted. It definitely made me look forward to joining. 

In addition, I was allowed to work from home for several months at that time, which made my start at Adnovum a lot easier.   

I also enjoy the support and the team spirit. This is very valuable to me and helps me deal with challenging situations. I also really appreciate the flexibility that Adnovum offers me.  

Initiative and new ideas are highly welcome. You can achieve a lot, develop and are always encouraged and supported.  

I was also promoted shortly before my maternity leave. For me, this is also a sign of appreciation and trust on the part of Adnovum. 

Despite your positive experiences, where do you see potential for improvement for Adnovum?

I think it's good that Adnovum wants to disclose the salary bands soon. I consider this transparency to be important. So I'm excited and think that this may well become more concrete.

Have you ever experienced or observed the so-called glass ceiling in your life? 

Not at Adnovum. It seems to me that Adnovum is sensitized to this topic. Right after I started, for example, I was able to take part in the «Women at Adnovum» initiative. But I also know of other sectors, such as trading, where women are not only a minority (which doesn't bother me in itself), but where this is also more noticeable in the way people interact with each other.  

Who is your role model? 

My boss in my very first job. She was head of the Business Development department at the time and always remained herself. For example, she did no give up her Swabian dialect, which is unfortunately not a matter of course in Germany. She also managed to balance her private and professional life. Despite holding a management position, she traveled to Asia for several months, which was probably time well spent, as she later became CEO Asia Pacific. She now has four children and is a Managing Director at Black Rock.  

A few years after we had worked together, I contacted her with a few questions and she really made time for me despite her certainly busy schedule.  

I truly admire how she juggles everything and remains so helpful and human.  

Is there a key moment that brought you to your current position?  

There is no such thing as «the» moment. It was more of a process. I've always put myself in unpleasant or at least new situations in order to grow personally and professionally. For example, I studied a semester abroad in France because I hated French so much. But I thought: «Now I've struggled with the language for so many years... It would all be for nothing if I don't do it now.»  

Today I am proud that I embraced experiences like this. This has led to strong personal and professional growth and made the impossible possible. There’s a reason why my business partner and husband is French. 

Thank you so much for your time and the inspiring conversation, Jenny. 

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Published July 3, 2024

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