Boost Your Business’ Operational Efficiency with Singpass Integration

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Singpass is a national digital identity system that is used by Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents to transact with the government and businesses online. The system provides a secure and convenient way for individuals to access a wide range of government services, including the filing of taxes, obtaining government grants, and even accessing personal information. Till date, Singpass facilitates about 300 million personal and corporate transactions every year (GovTech Singapore, 2021)1. For instance, as announced by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA), the issuance of physical cards for long-term passes will cease from 27 February this year with digital passes issued instead. These digital passes will be accessible by long-term pass holders in the Singpass app (Immigrations & Checkpoints Authority Singapore, 2023)2.

Evidently, the use of Singpass has been growing rapidly, as it serves approximately 97% of Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents aged 15 and above (GovTech Singapore, 2021)3. The usage of Singpass is not limited to personal use only. Corporate usage of Singpass has been growing as more and more businesses seek to integrate the system into their operations to streamline their processes and increase operational efficiency.

In this article, we explore how Singpass integration improves your business’ operational efficiency. Increased productivity levels are achieved through integrating with the well-developed range of Singpass APIs and Singpass integration through SSO (Single Sign-On) capabilities, which allow businesses to enhance their existing systems and workflows.

First, the integration of Singpass into business operations streamlines the process of accessing customer information. With Singpass integration, a centralized database of customer information is accessible from a single platform. Through Singpass’ Login, businesses can access accurate and up-to-date information about their customers, reducing the need for manual data entry and helping to minimize errors. This feature can also help authenticate and onboard existing Singpass users with high security and accurate data. Hence, efficiency levels are raised when the time taken to access customer information is significantly reduced.

Second, Singpass integration through SSO allows businesses to add security and to save time on verifying the identities of their customers. The Singpass SSO function enables Singpass users to access multiple services with a single set of credentials for authentication processes. Therefore, this eliminates the need for customers to remember numerous passwords, reducing attack surfaces, the time and effort required for identity verification and increasing customer satisfaction. Thus, Singpass SSO capabilities ensure that efficiency levels are greatly increased in terms of customer identity verification.

Third, integrating with Singpass APIs such as Myinfo business enables businesses to simplify the usage of corporate and personal data. Business owners and corporate users can control and consent to the sharing of their corporate and personal data simultaneously with Myinfo business. Such an API eliminates the dependency on manually filling up forms and documents, which in turn increases productivity levels. Furthermore, data retrieved from government sources are reliable and reduces the time spent on verifying the authenticity of corporate documents.

Fourth, Singpass integration helps to reduce the administrative work incurred by businesses and provides a streamlined user experience because Singpass’ Myinfo minimizes the time and errors in form-filling with the user data provided in a single tap. Myinfo integration has resulted in an average decrease of up to 80 per cent in application time for users (GovTech, 2021)3. Hence, with the reduction in administrative work, businesses can focus efforts on other critical areas of operations, increasing overall operational efficiency.

Finally, Singpass integration also helps businesses to better understand their customers’ profiles which enhances better customer experiences and improves overall operational efficiency. Businesses can gain valuable insights into their customers' needs, preferences, and behaviors, for personalized experiences which allow organizations to stay competitive especially in an oversaturated marketplace.

In summary, the integration of Singpass into business operations is an important step in the direction of increased operational efficiency. With its centralized and government-verified database, identity verification capabilities, simplified usage of data, streamlined user experience and valuable customer insights, Singpass integration offers businesses a powerful tool to optimize their processes and enhance the overall customer experience. In as quickly as 2 weeks, Adnovum Secpass solutions can help businesses integrate with Singpass in a scalable way. Contact us to explore the potential business use cases of Singpass integration today.


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Singpass integration for your business' boost in operational efficiency

Published March 30, 2023