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Paperless Order Fulfillment

Digitalize and simplify your processes

Paperless order fulfillment reduces costs and improves both the productivity of your organization and customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Paperless Order Fulfillment

Logistics involve many stakeholders from order taking to delivery, such as customers, dispatchers, and drivers. Moving towards paperless order fulfillment facilitates communication between these stakeholders, making sure that everyone has access to the right information at the right time. Through combination with real-time data, speed and transparency of the logistics processes can be improved. Finally, the regulatory changes further force businesses to implement paperless processes.

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Reduce costs

Implementing paperless order fulfillment saves costs in many areas: First, your organization saves on paper and office supply. Second, it saves storage space for documentation. Finally, you reduce your employees’ effort in managing and processing the paper or searching for documentation. Instead, they can focus on true value-added activities.

Improve customer satisfaction through higher transparency

Keeping your customers up-to-date on the status of their order and delivery improves customer satisfaction and strengthens your competitive position. It becomes significantly easier to communicate with your customers, your employees, or other stakeholders anywhere and at any time about order updates, changes, or questions.

Speed up order processing and improve productivity

The facilitated collaboration between different stakeholders allows reducing your response times and order processing times. Your business benefits from a higher productivity and increased customer demand.

Stay compliant with the changing regulatory landscape

The regulatory trend clearly goes into the direction of digital transfer of consignment notes. In 2019, the European Parliament and the European Council agreed to make the use of digital consignment notes (eCMR) mandatory by 2026. The eCMR protocol has already been ratified by 29 countries, and others will follow shortly.

Improve environmental impact of your business

More and more companies have to report on the environmental impact of their operations. Cutting down on paper consumption is an easy option to improve the sustainability of your business. Beyond paper, using ink is also harmful for the environment. Position yourself as a modern, digital, and eco-friendly business by reducing paper consumption.

Ensure you meet the data security and privacy standards

Businesses are required to keep information about their customers secure. Keeping the order information in paper format carries the risk of potential violation or data loss. Storing the information in digital format with the necessary security mechanisms ensures that you pass any audit and keep your customer information safe.