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A desktop monitor displaying the LUZI customer portal

A breath of fresh air for the LUZI customer portal

A comprehensive customer portal for fragrances, perfumes, and associated information.

«Adnovum implemented the project at a reasonable price, with a top-quality result, and in a timely manner, allowing us to quickly meet and even exceed the high expectations of our customers with the new portal.»

Philipp Flach

IT Project Manager and Head of QM, LUZI

Web and mobile displays of the LUZI customer portal

Definition of problem

LUZI AG, a globally active company in the field of fragrances and perfumes, intended to replace their customer portal and expand its functionality. The focus was on access through larger screens, but without neglecting portable devices. 

The modern web app was to replace the aging internal customer portal, which employees often deliberately avoided due to its limited functions and outdated user interface. 

An extensive catalog of fragrances, perfumes, and the associated information requires a fast, detailed search function and a clear presentation of the results. The user interface needed to be simple so that external customers worldwide could use it with ease. Different access rights for app users and individual product displays were also desired. 

Design process 

On the very first day of our collaboration, LUZI allowed us to look over the shoulder of internal users from marketing and sales right at their workplace and ask questions. This direct exchange helped us better understand the contexts documented in LUZI's app requirements catalog. Among other things, LUZI employees outlined ideas and told us about their experience with users from various countries. 

A user outlines his idea for the customer portal with pen and paperA user outlines his idea of a customer portal

A small group of managers met regularly to discuss and analyze early concepts. This enabled us to make rapid progress and at the same time respond to the client’s needs and expertise. 


We are a family-owned company in the third generation. Founded in 1926 by Hermann Luzi, our company started with the prime objective of producing unique and innovative fragrances for such industries as personal care and detergents. After years of success the company was taken over in 1952 by Eduard Altenburger. Since then, the Altenburger family runs the company to fullest success.

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Mobile appearance of the LUZI customer portal

Added value for LUZI

Small and agile: We leveraged working in a small project team with a short implementation time as a strength to make quick and direct decisions. 

Early specification: The first design concepts were worked out quickly and remained valid until the end. This helped us largely avoid long waiting periods and costly adjustments during implementation. 

Reimagining: Some processes that were mainly imposed by the previous app have been simplified or even removed entirely. This was possible because all involved were open to each other's expertise. 

Cloud and modern stack: Through Azure cloud integration and automated mechanisms, we accelerated our progress and achieved our goals efficiently. Using a single page application (SPA) and Spring Boot (API), we designed flexible development processes and created powerful solutions that make effective use of innovative technologies. 


«We were able to leverage the advantages of a small but efficient project team for the benefit of our users.»

Daniel Mischler

UX Designer, Adnovum