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Singpass Login and SSO: How it Enhances Digital Businesses

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Whether you’re operating an e-commerce enterprise or offering healthcare services, enhancing efficiency, security, and user experience have become very important aspects of running a business today, thanks to digitalisation. Fortunately, organizations can leverage applications like Singpass Login and Single-Sign On (SSO) to achieve these goals. If you’re thinking about implementing these features, we will go over their benefits and how they can be harnessed to help you make an informed decision.

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Why Singpass Login and SSO Matter

Improved Efficiency and Productivity

Memorizing multiple login credentials and having to key them in more than once is frustrating. Rather than putting your customers through that, Singpass Login and SSO streamlines the authentication process by providing quick and secure access to various platforms and services with a one-time login. Not only does this save time, it also enhances productivity for the user.

Streamlined User Experience

With the number of authentication levels decreased and a seamless login experience, your customers can enjoy smoother navigation through different pages and platforms. This improved journey reduces friction during access to improve user satisfaction, helping your business drive up revenue. In fact, research suggests that 84% of companies that prioritize customer experiences usually report an increase in their revenue.

Enhanced Security

Singpass features a two-factor authentication (2FA) setup that mandates users to verify their identity using two distinct methods. When integrated with Single-Sign On (SSO), this bolsters security by centralizing authentication processes, mitigating the risk of unauthorized access and potential security breaches for businesses. Additionally, Singpass OIDC enables verification of users' identities based on server-conducted verification, reinforcing protection while enhancing the user experience.

Improved Data Accuracy

Singpass and SSO work hand-in-hand to ensure accurate data and minimize errors in data entry. This will help your business ensure the accuracy of user profiles, leading to more reliable and trustworthy data.


Problems that require tech support, such as for forgotten passwords, can cost an approximate $70 per reset, according to a research by Forrester Research. With a reduction in password-related support issues, enhanced security measures, and streamlined processes, businesses can operate in a more cost-effective digital environment.

Use Cases of Singpass Login and SSO

Use Cases of Singpass Login and SSO

Singpass Login and SSO can be employed across various industries to improve processes and productivity. Here are some industry-specific use cases to help you understand how the integration of these features can benefit your business:

  • Financial Services: Enable users to easily and securely access their financial accounts, conduct transactions, and manage their portfolios.
  • Government Services: Simplify users’ interactions with government services such as tax filing, permit applications, and social services to improve efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.
  • E-Commerce and Consumer Services: Offer a one-click shopping experience, secure digital transactions, simplify checkout processes and provide users with easy access to their order history and preferences.
  • Healthcare Services: Establish a secure digital identity to facilitate protected access to patient portals, allowing users to manage their medical records, schedule appointments, and communicate with healthcare providers.
  • Education and E-Learning: Provide students with easy access to course materials, grades, and online learning platforms, enhancing the overall educational experience.
  • Travel and Hospitality: Deliver seamless booking processes, manage loyalty programmes, and deliver personalized services to travelers, creating a more efficient and enjoyable travel experience.

Streamline Processes and Improve Customer Experiences with Secpass

Adnovum’s Secpass solution is a one-stop integration tool, enabling customers to effortlessly log in using their trusted Singpass credentials across various applications and e-services, thanks to its built-in Single Sign-On (SSO) capability. Serving as a unified interface between multiple applications, e-services, and the identity provider (IdP), it ensures seamless authentication access. With its quick deployment, simple maintenance, and scalability features, you can quickly take advantage of its services and effortlessly deliver smooth user journeys to increase customer satisfaction. Interested in learning more about this digital solution?

Adnovum is a Swiss IT company that delivers secure digitalization of business processes. Our core competencies span the development of customized software, IAM consulting, cloud data security, IT consulting services, compliance solutions and cyber security services. Register for a complimentary consultation with our specialists to clarify any questions you may have about your digital transformation journey. 


Enhance Security and Customer Experience with Cost-effective Singpass Integration

Published April 18, 2024