How DevSecOps is Key to Your Cybersecurity Posture

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With the DevSecOps approach, security is at the core of software development at every stage. This not only promotes data protection, but also provides various other benefits.

Our current landscape sees the rapid growth of technology and digitalization. Businesses now more than ever are integrating the use of technology in their operations to improve efficiency and enhance work processes. Though technology and the rise of different software and platforms bring with them a multitude of benefits, the fact remains that data security and protection can be a common issue. Maximizing on data protection solutions is imperative but ensuring that your data protection service provider leverages on DevSecOps is even more vital. This article will explore DevSecOps, provide you with insights on how it can enhance your business’s data protection strategy / measures and the many advantages that come along with it.

Benefits of DevSecOps to Your Business

DevSecOps is short for development, security and operations. It automates the implementation of security across every touchpoint of the software development cycle in data security services, from initial design through integration, testing deployment and software delivery. Before the advancement of technology, software updates were not as consistent and security was usually considered only at the end of the software development cycle, almost as an afterthought. This method of ensuring security is rendered ineffective in today’s digital world. DevSecOps on the other hand integrates application and infrastructure security seamlessly while addressing security issues the moment they are detected.

Enhanced, Proactive Security

Compared to past practices, where security was mostly implemented at the end of software development cycles in data protection solutions, DevSecOps integrates cybersecurity processes from the start. Codes are reviewed, audited, scanned and tested for security issues across the entire development cycle. Due to this constant monitoring, any issues detected can be quickly remediated before it becomes critical, which helps to reduce costs. Automated security testing also supports compatibility with modern development, allowing for continuous integration that analyses codes more frequently.

Code Vulnerabilities are Identified Quickly

Another benefit of DevSecOps in data security services is its ability to quickly identify any vulnerabilities in code. Teams with mature DevOps practices are three times more likely to spot vulnerabilities earlier. Vulnerability scanning and patching is a significant part of DevSecOps across the software development cycle. When vulnerabilities are identified early on in the development process, development time can be substantially reduced, opportunities for quality assurance testing are created and security teams can focus on higher value work. At the same time, it reduces the potentiality of an attacker’s ability to breach an organization’s systems.

Enhanced Team Collaboration and Communication

Beyond simply enhancing cybersecurity for data protection, DevSecOps fosters better collaboration and communication among teams. It ensures that application and infrastructure security is a shared responsibility between development, security and IT operations teams rather than the sole responsibility of a security silo. Teams now work together, ensuring alignment throughout the development process and embedding security at all touchpoints of data protection solutions. The DevSecOps approach also empowers a culture of greater transparency, which is a crucial aspect in the development process. When an error or vulnerability occurs, teams can identify and prevent issues more quickly, collaborating during development – not after – to resolve security, quality, and other issues.

Ultimately, DevSecOps creates an integral shift towards quality and security. In a highly digitalized, data driven world where important data lies vulnerable, adopting an effective approach that assures nothing less than optimum security throughout the software development lifecycle in data security services is important for businesses. The DevSecOps infrastructure revolves around placing security at the center of development. Taken together, these DevSecOps elements can help improve overall quality of security, boost productivity, and reduce compliance issues.

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Published December 8, 2021