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Ransomware Protection Package

Added value of Adnovum’s specific ransomware consulting

Our tailor-made offering helps you mitigate ransomware threats and prepares you for this kind of attack.

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How safe are you?

Take a moment and complete our free Ransomware Protection Mini-Assessment.

Benefits of Ransomware Protection Packages

Ransomware is the most common and potentially damaging cybersecurity threat. Effective security measures are essential to your business and reputation. In two workshops we check in detail whether and to what level such measures already exist. The first one includes a ransomware disaster scenario to determine the potential business impact and resilience. In the second one, we assess the existing organizational and technical protective measures in more detail. Based on your needs, we derive appropriate measures.

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Determine your company’s ransomware resilience

The specific ransomware assessment will give you clarity about your risk status and the required level of security. Our independent experts ensure a meaningful result.

Determine ransomware-specific measures

Based on the vulnerabilities discovered, measures specific to ransomware are recommended, evaluated, and prioritized.

Determine the business impact of a ransomware attack

This workshop will show you the available options and possible next steps to respond to a successful ransomware attack. All findings from the workshop will be presented to you and discussed with you.