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Phishing Simulation

Get clarity on your phishing vulnerability

Phishing simulation with two scenarios tailored to your needs. Knowledge about the trend in case of recurrence. Awareness trainings possible if desired.

Benefits of Phishing Simulations

With the advancement of digitalization, the risks related to the security of information systems are increasing. Many attacks are carried out by «phishing», i.e. attackers tempt employees to perform certain actions via e-mail. To be able to recognize such attempted attacks, the employees’ awareness must be raised by means of training. One option are phishing simulations, which also give you an overview of your organization's vulnerability and help improve your resilience.

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Simulate phishing attack

In cooperation with you, we develop two scenarios tailored to your needs, including an associated and a customized website.

Get detailed report

Receive a report with statistics after the phishing simulation and get clarity about your organization's vulnerability to phishing. In case of repeated simulations, you also gain knowledge about the trend.

Train your employees

Train your employees with an awareness campaign. With every simulated attack and training, you will increase phishing knowledge and reduce the probability of a successful phishing attack in your company.

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Phishing Simulation Factsheet

Phishing simulations raise your employees' awareness of the threats and at the same time give you an overview of your organization's vulnerability. Start today and improve your resilience!