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Cybersecurity Assessment

Independent cybersecurity assessment

Independent experts ensure an in-depth cybersecurity assessment. The results show identified key areas for action and opportunities for improvement.

Benefits of Cybersecurity Assessments

Cyberattacks can prove costly for your organization: Production or service downtimes, the loss of security-relevant customer data or industrial espionage not only result in monetary losses, but also damage your reputation. Therefore, the use of effective security measures is key in both IT landscapes and the company. A cybersecurity assessment checks whether these measures are sufficient and provides you with specific recommendations for improving your information security.

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Get clarity about your risks and required security level

We identify your IT application risks, and review your existing risks. Based on this, we develop and prioritize measures to reduce your risks.

Receive a state-of-the-art cybersecurity assessment

The cybersecurity assessment is designed to comply with IT security requirements. The generated report includes the IT risks, possible measures to minimize them and a GAP analysis according to ISO27001/27002 standards. All findings are presented and discussed with you.

Identify key areas for action

External and internal penetration tests are executed, which lead to objective results and opportunities for improvement in line with corporate goals and the security strategy.