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Cloud Security Maturity Assessment

How to operate safely in the cloud

Identify gaps in your organization’s readiness to adopt the cloud and its maturity level to operate safely.

Benefits of Cloud Security Maturity Assessments

In today’s evolving threat landscape, organizations need to ensure their practices are mature enough to protect their assets. A risk-based approach can enable your business to achieve its specific maturity goals, ensuring a good cost-benefit ratio of your security investment in people, processes and technology. This will allow your organization to meet its risk, governance, and compliance requirements in a cost-effective and efficient way, thus reducing over-investment and duplications.

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Operate safely and secure your assets in the cloud

We establish your current cloud initiatives and assess whether your maturity level is adequate and aligns with your business objectives, and whether it reflects your risk tolerance.

Adopt good security practices to minimize the risk of a breach

Companies must update their governance when migrating to the cloud to account for the additional risk incurred with a hybrid infrastructure. The Cloud Security Maturity Assessment's findings are one of the key components to integrate into the overall organization’s risk management program, when deciding on a potential opportunity leveraging the cloud.

Align cloud security maturity level with your organization’s needs

The required cloud security maturity level for an organization can vary depending on the type and nature of business and the business opportunities. We evaluate your current cloud maturity and security posture, ensuring it is in line with your IT risk and overall enterprise risk management profile.