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Cloud Security Consulting

Cloud Security Consulting

Secure your organizational assets and enable your business through a risk-based approach to cloud security.

Benefits of Cloud Security Consulting

The threat landscape and attack techniques have evolved, which calls for a new out-of-the-box approach that will reduce the risk and business impact on organizations. This shift includes evaluating several frameworks, standards, and security best practices, with an emphasis on adherence to governance, risk, and compliance objectives. Cloud security control audits, assessments, and continuous monitoring will help mitigate threats and enable businesses to operate safely in the cloud.

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Cloud security implementation

Cloud security program strategy, threat modelling of architected solutions, and ongoing business support for cloud security optimization, threat hunting, monitoring and automation are key. As new applications are deployed to the cloud, the security posture must be re-evaluated, security information events tools deployed to identify and mitigate threats.

Cloud security advisory

There are governance, risk, and compliance gap considerations when adopting the cloud. Organizations should seek advice on third-party risks, legal and specific business requirements, and a cyber resilience strategy to enable operational and business continuity with reduced impact and an incident response strategy.

Cloud security audits and assessments for cyber resilience

Continuous review of security controls, security posture monitoring, and risk-based business impact analysis will give organizations a sound level of cyber resilience by reducing the likelihood or impact of an attack. In addition, a cloud risk assessment as part of the enterprise-wide risk management will help organizations drive cloud security investment decisions.