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Shared real-time information

Improve transparency with real-time tracking

Real-time tracking of orders facilitates scheduling for all stakeholders. Delays and bottlenecks can be detected and handled quickly.

Benefits of Shared real-time information

Access to GPS data of devices, increasing use of IoT and integration with legacy systems allow tracking the status of an order and provide clients with an accurate expected time of arrival. Scheduling becomes much easier for logistics partners and customers. The tracking information can also serve as a proof of delivery for touchless delivery or when the recipient is not accessible. Furthermore, it is possible to use the data for reporting, to improve supply chain management, calculate surcharges, etc.

Truck driver wearing orange vest holding smartphone

Easier and more accurate scheduling

In many industries, such as construction, restaurants, technology and automobile manufacturing, several processes depend on the delivery time. Access to real-time tracking allows them to plan accordingly. In addition, the collaboration with employees and partners can be improved through higher visibility of the logistics process.

A more seamless handover of goods

Customers can be informed more accurately about the expected time of arrival and delivery location of their goods. Thereby, any mistakes (e.g. geolocation of the delivery location) can be corrected timely. The increased traceability allows keeping track of when and which stakeholders were informed and recording the exact delivery location.

Reduce delays and bottlenecks

Delays or bottlenecks can be spotted early on, which allows taking appropriate measures to avoid further issues. This could mean informing other trucks to avoid certain routes or sending replacement vehicles with deliveries (especially for on-time deliveries such as concrete).