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Risk Analysis with ML

Identify risks, trends, and behavioral patterns

Big Data and AI are strong buzzwords. Targeted use makes sense where it successfully influences the insurance business.

Benefits of Risk Analysis with AI

Leveraging predictive analytics to create risk profiles and thus potentially predict risk behaviors up to a possible intervention becomes possible by collecting, structuring, and evaluating large amounts of data using AI. On this basis, procedures for fraud detection can also be established. 

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Using Big Data intelligently

Collect, structure, and evaluate large amounts of data. Using this strategic advantage correctly creates benefits with regard to possible customer behavior, risks to be insured and the business model.

Artificial Intelligence

The use of AI enables an insurance company to optimize both processes and risk assessments, and to shape them with future developments in mind.

Fraud detection

Adnovum supports you in making the claims processing and benefits process as optimal as possible thanks to the use of AI. This is in the interest of both your company and the insured community.