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Digitally develop and optimize distribution channels

Leverage the potential of different sales channels

Different distribution channels have specific requirements and offer untapped potential. Apps are the digital key to the customer.

Benefits of digitally developed and optimized distribution channels

Sales is becoming increasingly complex because there are more and more informed and demanding customers, many legal requirements and, with the Internet, an unmanageable market. Yet, it is very simple. Customer and agent portals often only lack the necessary user-friendliness and the actually recognizable added value. And sometimes it's the little things – which can be easily presented in an app – that encourage a customer to buy.

Female working colleague shows something on the computer

Optimize customer and agent portals

How successfully portals are used mainly depends on how well the needs and demands of the customers are incorporated into the conceptual design. Adnovum has implemented various portals and is familiar with the exact needs assessment as the basis for a professional solution.

Use apps as the key to customers

It is obvious that apps have become a vital sales and communication tool for a number of purposes. However, it is surprising that their implementation often requires less effort, time and money than expected. Do you have an idea? Let us know. We will take care of it.

Perfect UX – how you reach your customers

Building on the knowledge of design thinking and user-centered design, user-centered solutions are created.