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Thomas Heynen

Managing Director Growth Markets


As Managing Director, Thomas Heynen is responsible for the Growth Markets unit, focusing on solutions for transport and logistics. Previously, he was deeply committed to the field of software architecture and also led the associated department at Adnovum. 

He has great experience in consulting for strategic IT topics and system landscapes, as well as in the transformation of complex legacy applications and the related cultural transformation within companies. 

In recent years he has been specializing in software solutions for innovations in the logistics and construction industries. He is particularly interested in the topics of logistics marketplaces («uberization»), last-mile deliveries, time-sensitive and quality-critical deliveries, as well as track and trace. Regarding new technologies he is particularly enthusiastic about IoT, event-streaming systems, cloud and APIs, cybersecurity, distributed-ledger-based solutions, and AI, while always focusing on the people that interact with a digital system. 

Thomas Heynen holds an MSc in computer science from the ETH Zurich with an emphasis on theoretical computer science.

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