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ISMS for Versicherung Schweizer Ärzte

A life insurance cooperative from medical doctors for medical doctors, Versicherung der Schweizer Ärzte adheres to high security standards. It therefore wanted to incorporate its existing policies into a pragmatic concept in order to ensure that it was «in shape» in terms of security with an ISMS. 

«The ISMS concept specifically regulates the security issues that are important to us. It takes into account our size and the expertise of the people responsible for the processes.»

Norman Gerber

CEO Versicherung Schweizer Ärzte Genossenschaft

The solution

Versicherung der Schweizer Ärzte (VA) now has an Information Security Management System (ISMS) according to ISO 2700x in place. It is based on an IT security strategy and an IT security concept. 

Both strategy and concept are tailored to the needs of VA. They build pragmatically on the policies that already existed and therefore blend in perfectly with the established processes. 

 In future, the concept will serve as a reference for VA should questions arise regarding information security. With the ISMS, VA can be confident that it meets the applicable security requirements. 

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Features that changed the game for VA

Professional: The new ISMS complies with ISO 2700x and is based on a concept and strategy that reflect the needs of VA.

Pragmatic: In addition to existing policies, the ISMS also takes into account the size and the expertise of VA’s employees. This makes it easy to use.   

Future-proof: The concept continues to evolve in line with the needs of VA and the challenges of information security. It provides a solid basis for long-term security strategies while remaining up-to-date and relevant. 

How we got there

VA already had various information security policies in place. The aim was to organize these logically and to incorporate them into an overall concept. 

To start with, VA and Adnovum had pragmatic discussions at eye level to build a common understanding. This way, VA provided an insight to Adnovum about how they are positioned in terms of information security and what their needs are. 

In an iterative approach, VA and Adnovum analyzed the policies together. Whenever it made sense, they transferred them to a template and updated them. Simultaneously, VA and Adnovum questioned and adapted existing processes. 

This resulted in an ISMS which is based on ISO 2700x and characterized by a carefully worked out strategy as well as a tailor-made concept. It seamlessly integrates with the processes – always ready when needed and discretely in the background in daily business. 

«Adnovum supported and guided us through the process. The company convinced us in many respects: personal contact, professionalism, adherence to deadlines, and the strong result.»

Norman Gerber

CEO Versicherung Schweizer Ärzte Genossenschaft 

This is our client 

Founded as a cooperative in 1926, Versicherung der Schweizer Ärzte provides customized pension solutions for medical professionals such as medical doctors, dentists, veterinarians, and chiropractors, as well as their spouses.