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How University of St.Gallen completely automated their user management system

As one of the most prestigious universities in Europe, University of St.Gallen (HSG) in 2020 still had a user management setup that included many disconnected processes and manual steps. This wasted time for involved stakeholders and left sensitive user data exposed. 


«The new solution is a huge time saver. Before that, I had to print and send password letters to students which took me three to four weeks per year. I also had to update name changes one by one. Now, our IT department can focus on improving the system and we got rid of tedious admin tasks that have nothing to do with IT!»

Prisca Hollenstein

IT Project Lead, University of St.Gallen

The solution

We proposed using a standard Enterprise IDM (One Identity) solution which then was customized by our team to the specific needs of University of St.Gallen. The new solution had to be ready to create complex combinations of access rights and role assignments since one person can be working in X different departments and with Y number of roles at the same time. 

Thanks to our team’s expertise and the great collaboration, University of St.Gallen now benefits from a solution that digitizes, standardizes, and automates all business processes, whilst ensuring the security of sensitive user data.   

The automated Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution takes care of tasks like enrolling new students, sending out password letters and maintaining name changes. This allows our sparring partners from HSG to save 3-4 weeks of manual work per year. They can now concentrate on more relevant tasks.  

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Facts and Figures

  • 23K

    user accounts managed

  • 4 weeks

    of manual work saved per year

  • 9 months


Aula 20210903

Features that changed the game for University of St.Gallen

A unified solution: the customized Enterprise IDM (One Identity) solution connects all relevant work processes 

Security: passwords and sensitive data are encrypted in the database with a symmetrical key, which guarantees complete data security

Process automation: digitalization and automation of manual processes reduce work efforts and make task completion easier

Integration and handling: the system technology components can be easily integrated into the existing infrastructure

Productivity boost: more time for relevant tasks leads to an increase in work productivity

How we got there

Following a strategic decision into the direction of automation, standardization and digitalization, there was no other way than to replace the software in place. After a detailed situation analysis, the University of St.Gallen commissioned us to design and implement their new solution.


The team consisting of HSG and Adnovum specialists had a very tight deadline to meet: The solution had to go live to accommodate the start of the studying semester in September. After 9 months of long workdays and nights, the new portal went live just in time.


But our collaboration with HSG is by far not over – next up is an update of their identity management webshop. We are thrilled that our project has turned into a long-term partnership.

«Adnovum not only delivered a product but accelerated change in our organization and IT systems. Our requirements were far from being simple, but together we made it work. Long hours and late nights included.»

Prisca Hollenstein

IT Project Lead, University of St.Gallen

This is our client

The University of St.Gallen was founded in 1898 as a commercial academy during the heyday of the St.Gallen embroidery industry.  Today, it is one of Europe's leading universities for management, economics, law, social sciences, international relations and computer science. The practice-oriented approach and integrative outlook characterize HSG's educational offering. The university is currently ranked 7th in the «Financial Times European Business School», making it one of the TOP 10 universities in Europe for the 8th year in a row.