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Data protection upgrade for Viscom Engineering

A leading provider of building automation services, Viscom Engineering provides software for the control of HVAC (heating, ventilating, air conditioning) systems as well as solutions for connecting data within the IoT world. To prepare for the updated FADP, Viscom required an analysis of its processes and data security.

«Adnovum recognized our needs regarding the new data protection law and developed a tailor-made solution for us. I very much appreciated the exchange at eye level.»

Denis Bochud

CEO Viscom Engineering

The solution

An in-depth analysis revealed where Viscom Engineering needs to take action in terms of processes and data security to meet the requirements of the new data protection law (nFADP). Based on Adnovum’s advice, Viscom has definied targeted measures. 

 In particular, the company now knows how to process requests to destroy or correct data and how to deal with data breaches under the nFADP. For both cases, Viscom has implemented a specific process.  

 In a half-day training course, Viscom also delved deeper into the topic of data protection. It is now passing on its findings to all employees. 

 Thanks to the all-in-one package – i.e., the combination of analysis, consulting and workshop – Viscom has confirmation that it is fully up to date in terms of data protection. 

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Features that changed the game for Viscom

A legally compliant setup: Based on the analysis and the measures taken, Viscom Engineering can trust that it meets the requirements of the nFADP. 

Professional competence: Thanks to detailed knowledge of specific requirements and the in-depth workshop, including knowledge transfer, employees are well informed on the subject of data protection. 

Security: The legally compliant setup and the professional competence of employees minimize Viscom’s risk of suffering reputational, financial, or other damage as a result of a data breach.  

How we got there

Viscom Engineering’s aim was to find out how it is positioned in terms of data protection – in general and with regard to the revised data protection law, which came into force on September 1, 2023.  

Based on an analysis of Viscom’s processes and data security, Adnovum determined the current situation and accompanied the SME on its further path: it identified where action was needed and supported Viscom in defining, prioritizing and introducing targeted measures. 

For certain processes, e.g., how to handle requests for information, correction or deletion, Viscom used templates, among other things, which they compared with the processes. 

The final step was an on-site data security training course at Viscom, including recommendations on how to pass on the knowledge to all employees. 

The combination of analysis, consulting, and training was key in tailoring a solution to Viscom’s specific needs. 


«In my role as data protection officer, I now feel confident that we are well positioned in terms of the nFADP. The ICT audit has already confirmed this.»

Denis Bochud

CEO Viscom Engineering

This is our client

Founded in 1991, Viscom Engineering specialized in building automation from the beginning and is now one of the leading service providers in this area. The client base mainly includes organizations from the areas of pharma/research, finance/insurance, public buildings/administration, and hospitals/healthcare. In addition to traditional building automation, Viscom Engineering also offers value preservation and maintenance services for systems and is very well positioned with Smart Solutions, its solution for smart networking within the IoT world. 

The owner-managed company relies on the knowledge of around 50 motivated employees who are constantly undergoing further training. Viscom Engineering inspires its clients with solid and sustainable solutions. The clients‘ needs and the firmly established service culture form the core of its activities.