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Comprehensive Support for the City of Bülach with Managed Services

The city of Bülach benefits from a comprehensive monthly support and service plan for Microsoft 365 that ensures maximum efficiency, security, and user-friendliness. This allows Bülach to concentrate on its core business.

«We greatly appreciate the customer-oriented and open communication, as well as the mutual trust with clear common goals. Together we can master the challenges of the Microsoft Cloud and build a stable, productive partnership.»

Marc Maurer

Head of IT, City of Bülach

The solution

The city of Bülach benefits from a comprehensive service portfolio that maximizes the rewards of its Microsoft 365 investment. We offer technical support, user administration, security solutions, data management, customization, and strategic consulting.

With our structured analysis and tailored strategy, we optimized the client's IT environment to achieve more efficient business processes and a future-proof IT infrastructure. 


  • Technical support: Setting up and providing continuous support for Microsoft 365 and the mobile device management with MS Intune 
  • User management and security: User account management (Entra ID), security policies (MS Defender, Intune), and training on best practices 
  • Data management: Support with data classification (MS Purview), backup solutions, and data recovery 
  • Customization and optimization: Customization of Office applications and performance analysis (MS Defender) 
  • Training and support: Fast response to administrator queries and flexible support days with billing for additional effort 
  • Consulting and strategy: Optimal use of Microsoft 365 within the corporate strategy, as well as consulting on digital transformation and long-term IT planning

Features that changed the game for Bülach

Fixed service times: We offer regular support and services at fixed times, permitting continuous monitoring and maintenance of Bülach's Microsoft 365 environment without having to actively submit requests. 

Predictable support: We render our services according to a predetermined plan. This enables better planning and makes sure that all aspects of the IT infrastructure are maintained and optimized regularly. 

Permanent availability: We guarantee permanent availability of our services within the agreed periods, ensuring continuous operational readiness and minimizing downtime.

Proactive support: Our approach includes proactive system support. We do not wait for problems or requests to arise, but act with foresight to identify and solve potential challenges at an early stage. 

How we got there

Through fixed service times, predictable support, permanent availability, and proactive assistance, we ensure the continuous optimization and smooth functionality of Bülach’s Microsoft 365 environment. 

We provide the city of Bülach with a comprehensive monthly support and service plan for Microsoft 365 that ensures maximum efficiency, security, and user-friendliness. 

«The M365 product line is changing rapidly. Thanks to regular workshops, Adnovum's services keep us up to date and help us constantly develop our capabilities.»

Marc Maurer

Head of IT, City of Bülach

This is our client

The advantages of being «right in the country» and «right in the city» are ideally combined in Bülach. A high quality of life, unspoiled nature, a wide range of offers for work, education, leisure, health and living, good transport links, and proximity to the airport are all features of the city. With a population of 23'900, Bülach is also the capital of the district of the same name and provides various services for the region.