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Profile view of the front half of German automobile

How cardossier digitally manages the life cycle of a vehicle

The decentralized cardossier platform, which stores all relevant information about a car’s history in a secure and reliable manner, is a true catalyst for digitalization. The information on events in a vehicle’s life cycle is collected from organizations involved in car-related processes. 

«Thanks to Adnovum's expertise and seamless integration of the Viacar backend with the cardossier DLT, we have achieved a remarkable milestone in our digitalization journey. Their outstanding work has enabled us to optimize data management and enhance the efficiency of our operations.»

Sandro Fanti

President cardossier, Road Traffic Office Aargau

The solution

For cardossier, we operate and constantly improve a decentralized DLT-based P2P network that stores all relevant information about a car’s life in a secure and reliable manner. The members of cardossier profit from an increasing number of cross-organizational processes based on a single source of truth. The solution also serves as a trading market for especially valuable vehicle data.  

 Probably the most prominent use case cardossier supports today is the electronic temporary traffic permit, aka eVIV. It is in productive use among garages, road authorities, and insurance companies. The main benefit is a simple, fully automated, and harmonized process for car buyers to obtain an official permit for their new vehicle within seconds. 

A mechanic holding a laptop performing maintenance on an automobile

Features of cardossier that changed the game

Transparency: cardossier creates a truly transparent data market where data owners get full control over their data. The identity (person or organization) that owns the data rights is in control of who may access the data at what time and under what conditions, and can demand compensation for data provision. 

Security: Secure and reliable data exchange with clear data ownership. Data is only shared on-demand in bilateral transactions over secure channels. 

Efficiency: Improved and efficient handling of cross-organizational processes on a Switzerland-wide standard platform. 

How we got there

The first ideas about how to apply blockchain to tackle critical problems in the car industry were developed in the Adnovum Incubator in 2016. A year later, the first MVP of cardossier was created in a cooperation between Adnovum, industry partners, and universities as an Innosuisse project. In March 2019, Adnovum was among the founding members of the cardossier association. The software of the association has been developed by Adnovum as a business domain on top of the generic foundation that SB4B provides. The platform has been live since 2020. 

«Since using eVIV, we have been able to reduce our time for scheduling and sales by an average of 70%. The portal has significantly reduced our administrative work and contributes significantly to optimizing our processes.»

David Schweizer

P. Schweizer AG, Liestal

This is our client 

The cardossier platform is run by a association of organizations which aims to bring transparency and trust to the car-related ecosystem. We believe that only together in the association can we reach our goal. Companies that are part of the association can profit from process optimizations and create business value through the data access on the cardossier platform.