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Award-winning app for Mobility

The pioneering and leading Swiss car-sharing provider Mobility wanted a new app with a fresh look and feel. The aim was to live up to today’s user expectations to keep existing customers engaged and attract new ones, especially among the younger generation. 

«The new app is characterized by its consistency: a smooth user flow and design elements that work well together. We knew that the app was good, but did not expect to win that many Best of Swiss Apps awards.»

Jelena Costa

Product Manager – Digital Customer Experience, Mobility

The solution

The main highlight of the new app is its user experience. Developed from a user perspective, it has a fresh visual presence with many pictures and a high performance. 

The map is at the core of the app. Users can quickly see the cars available in their area and book them or look for alternatives on the map. 

As a new feature, a cost calculator was introduced. It provides a quick quote of the expected cost for the trip before the user starts the reservation – and thus full transparency. 

The high performance is another highlight and a key factor particularly for the younger generation. On the one hand, users profit from short load times. On the other, a stable Bluetooth connection allows them to conveniently lock and unlock cars.  

First observations show an increasing number of users and a shift from the web to the mobile app.  

This success is confirmed by the «Best of Swiss Apps 2023» awards the Mobility app won. In addition to Gold in the categories «Design» and «UX & Usability», as well as Silver in the category «Functionality», the Mobility app won the prestigious Master award.  


Features that changed the game for Mobility

User experience: The attractive design and easy navigation allow for a very smooth user flow from start to end.

Performance: Users benefit from fast load times and a stable Bluetooth connection allowing to conveniently lock and unlock vehicles.

State of the art: The high quality of the app will be maintained by improving existing features and constantly adding new features.

How we got there

The starting point was customer feedback regarding the user experience and the performance of the existing app, which Mobility took very seriously. 

Therefore, they teamed up again with Adnovum who knew Mobility quite well and was more than happy to support with the new app. Sharing any possible ideas, Mobility and Adnovum came up with a common vision and goal: a useful and visually appealing app. 

Inspired by a great team spirit, the two partners launched a design phase and conducted several workshops to define the key features. This led to the decision to put the map at the core of the new app. 

Once the minimum viable product (MVP) was defined, everyone started to work towards their specific goals motivated by a fixed deadline for the go-live with a closed user group. Based on an agile development approach, they launched increment by increment, constantly incorporating user feedback. This way Mobility and Adnovum made sure that they were on the right track at any moment. 

Going forward, the two partners will focus on improving existing features and developing new ones. The car-sharing app is Mobility’s most important touch point with their customers. 

«Teaming up with a partner who is familiar with Mobility and develops every single component from a user perspective together with us in an agile approach was a key decision that laid the foundation for the app’s success.»

Jelena Costa

Product Manager – Digital Customer Experience, Mobility

This is our client

As the leading Swiss car-sharing provider, the Mobility cooperative offers its 277’000 business and private customers 3’000 vehicles for any situation at 1’600 locations. Using a car is simple, affordable, and sustainable thanks to digital technology. A Mobility car replaces 11 privately owned vehicles, reduces traffic, and relieves the environment.