Your must-have of the future: a cybersecurity culture

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In Switzerland, the risk of suffering a cyber attack as an organization is significantly higher than among our European neighbors, with the healthcare industry and the public sector particularly affected. Nevertheless, there is hope, because those who invest in a solid cybersecurity culture today are well prepared for the future.

The number of cyber attacks worldwide is higher than ever. A cyber attack is launched every 39 seconds. This is due in part to advancing digitalization and changing business practices as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic. Cyber attacks are often accompanied by major financial losses and reputational damage. This could be avoided, as significant protection against cyber attacks can already be built with a relatively small investment.

Truth is: When it comes to cybersecurity, your organization’s size, industry, number of assets or employees don't matter. Even a single security breach can cost an organization hundreds of thousands of francs. It is therefore not surprising that 60% of all organizations do not survive a cyber attack. A preventive investment is thus worthwhile.

Switzerland tops the hit list

Switzerland is right at the top of the attackers' hit list. In a European comparison, the risk of suffering a cyber attack as a company is here significantly higher. The pressure on organizations is great, as many SMEs have to carefully weigh their expenses. Cybersecurity is therefore rarely included in the annual budget planning. To find out which measures will make your organization a safer place, read our eBook «Stay safe with a healthy cybersecurity culture».

Healthcare and authorities under attack

Attacks are seen in various market segments: manufacturing, public sector, education, chemicals, and real estate. By far the most affected is the healthcare sector. Public sector platforms follow in second place. «Data theft» is the word of the day. Because today, information resources and data are often worth more than money. 

Human error in focus

The biggest vulnerability in the fight against cyber attacks are gaps in cybersecurity caused by human error. It is therefore imperative that employees receive ongoing Security Awareness Trainings appropriate to their roles, that a sense of responsibility is fostered throughout the organization, and that an effective cybersecurity culture is thus deeply embedded. But in addition to state-of-the-art defense technologies and trained employees, a solid cybersecurity culture includes other elements: 

First, the leadership team must be on board and ensure that cybersecurity forms an important part of the organization. Stakeholders must be appointed, and security policies must be in place and their content known to all employees. To ensure that communication works well in the event of a cybersecurity breach, communication channels must be clearly defined and easily accessible. Additionally, security needs to always be in line with the latest attack developments and protection requirements. Therefore, it must be regularly tested with real-world scenarios and weaknesses found must be eliminated. 

What makes a good cybersecurity culture?

Read our eBook «Stay safe with a healthy cybersecurity culture» to find out

Published November 9, 2021

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