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Pursuing different career paths at 22

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At 22, Ivo Pacheco is already riding on a three-lane highway. As a software engineer, entrepreneur, and student. With his zest for action and new challenges, he realizes projects in which he also gladly involves others.

Ivo joined Adnovum in Lisbon in 2021 as the youngest person at age 20 while finishing his Bachelor in computer science. «In the first months with Adnovum I learned a lot:  about technical challenges but also about the business side – things we don’t learn at university», he says enthusiastically. One of Ivo’s highlights so far was a project trip to Zurich to work with his colleagues and client face to face: «Meeting my team and client helped me better understand our work, and it strengthened our relationship.» 

A student, an engineer, and an entrepreneur 

A rigorous engineer but also a go-getter entrepreneur type, Ivo runs his own company on the side. What started with a pair of limited-edition sneakers won in a raffle in 2019 has grown into a company that sells original sneakers to business clients across Europe. «My business partner was a fan of limited sneakers, I saw the business opportunity, so we combined the love of sneakers with the love of business and created something that is growing and growing», he says in a proud yet humble way.

The biggest challenge in establishing the company was the fear of failing and the doubts: «Are we doing the right thing, aren’t we too young, can we combine our own business with work? But then it was nice to see how it grew.” And recently, Ivo told me with a grin, he saw a pair of their sneakers worn in a music video of a known Portuguese rap band. 

Be open to new opportunities and advice from others 

What helps Ivo is to get into action mode: «When I find an interesting opportunity, I just seize it. I follow my intuition. Then I see how things are developing and I can always adjust if needed.» No risk, no fun could well be his moto. At the same time he stays humble and likes to learn from others. «I always like to seek advice: from friends, family, colleagues. Maybe I ask too much but I like to hear others’ ideas and opinions and to also share mine in a healthy discussion.» 

A committed ambassador who likes to share his experience 

Whether in his own business or at Adnovum, Ivo is involved hands-on in developing the company. «I always look for new opportunities, things to improve or to try. That motivates me.» At Adnovum Ivo supports recruiting new talent by going to various job fairs and by talking about his job to people he meets: «Whenever I see someone who could fit, I explain to them what we do and what it’s like to work here. I enjoy it here and felt very welcomed, so I like to give back in this way.» Over the last 2 years he has successfully referred 3 new joiners and supported them throughout their onboarding at Adnovum.

And what next, Ivo? He is continuing his studies to obtain a Master in data science marketing to «keep doors open for the future». In addition, he plans to launch a new website for his sneaker business, and, at Adnovum, to further develop in his role and contribute to his client’s success and the growth of the company.

Good luck with all your projects, Ivo! And thank you for sharing your story with us. 

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Published July 12, 2023

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