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Adnovum: Successful first business year under new management

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The Swiss software company Adnovum looks back on a successful business year following its reorganization in early 2020. On a group level, it was able to increase revenues by 15%. Despite its international setup, Adnovum continues to be anchored firmly in Switzerland and will move into new headquarters at Badenerstrasse 170 in Zurich in September 2021.

The Swiss software company Adnovum looks back on a successful business year under its new Leadership Team. On a group level, revenues increased by 15% compared to the previous year exceeding CHF 83 mio. The stronger focus on the industry-specific needs of clients has thus proven successful.

Adnovum CFO Roger Bösch: «We are extremely pleased with this result which significantly exceeds our expectations. It confirms our decision to expand industry-specific expertise.»

Sustainable development

The forecast for 2021 is also very positive. Since joining in February, David Chan, Managing Director Adnovum Singapore, has been driving growth of the regional business in Singapore. In addition, Adnovum has strengthened its Leadership Team: In March 2021, Karin Bühler assumed responsibility for the global management of the HR team as Chief People Officer. Digital Marketing expert Andreas Punter joined as Chief Marketing Officer in mid-March to head the Marketing and Communications unit. The new positions demonstrate Adnovum’s commitment to gain the best talent and consistently focus on client needs.

New headquarters in Zurich

While Adnovum is internationally positioned with offices in Singapore, Budapest, Lisbon and Vietnam, it continues to be anchored firmly in Switzerland. The employees at the headquarters in Zurich, currently spread over several buildings in two neighborhoods, will move into new headquarters at Badenerstrasse 170 this fall. The centrally located building opposite Kalkbreite and cinema/bar Houdini offers spacious, light-flooded rooms with inviting meeting zones and lounges, including a flexible room layout and modern infrastructure. The move to the new building is planned for September 2021.

Thomas Zangerl, Adnovum CEO since April 2020: «After working from home for such a long period, we are even more excited to move into our new offices in fall. They will offer a lot of potential for new ways of working with clients and partners, and for the company’s future growth.»


The Swiss software company Adnovum offers its clients comprehensive support in the fast and secure digitalization of business processes from consulting and conception to implementation and operation. Its core competencies also include identity and access management as well as security consulting. Our client focus is on companies that want to differentiate themselves through innovative digitalization solutions, among them banks, insurance companies, and the public sector.

Adnovum was founded in 1988. At our headquarters in Zurich and our offices in Bern, Lausanne, Budapest, Lisbon, Ho Chi Minh City and Singapore, we employ over 600 staff today.

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Visualization of Badenerstrasse 170 in ZurichVisualization of Badenerstrasse 170 in Zurich (source: Swiss Life Asset Managers)


Thomas Zangerl, CEO of AdnovumThomas Zangerl, CEO of Adnovum

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Published April 7, 2021

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