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16 Years Characterized by Numerous Highlights

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In 2007 Zoltán Andrási had an exciting start at Adnovum, followed by a steep learning curve and various roles allowing him to apply his skills. Today he is a project manager and dedicated coach who helps his coachees to excel.

In 2007, Zoltán embarked on his journey as a part-time software engineer with Adnovum, preparing his master thesis in parallel. «It was exciting to be part of a large project with around 15 people, which was the majority of our Budapest office at the time», he remembers these early days with enthusiasm. Not least because he felt it was a very supportive and welcoming environment.

He went on to learn about Java, soon working full-time and joining a team that was to build a complex application for a bank. «I learned a lot on the job and so much from senior colleagues. I am truly grateful for these experiences and the trusted relationships that have influenced my development.» 

New functions, projects, or technologies – you name it, we've got it 

Over the years Zoltán has worn many hats, amongst others product owner, project manager and business analyst. «I always saw possible next steps, either vertically or horizontally, new functions, roles, clients, internal projects, or technologies and even got the opportunity to visit our office in Vietnam to hand over a project. I have reached so many heights – I would have never thought to still be with Adnovum after 16 years!» 

Helping talents to shine 

No doubt: Zoltán likes to keep moving and to look out for new opportunities. And so, it is no wonder he is also a Career Coach who identifies development opportunities for fellow engineers. «My highlight is to see my coachees progress towards their potential and to feel that I have had a part in that. Once a coachee told me over coffee that I was his best boss ever. I never felt like a ‹boss› but his message made me proud», he chuckles. And proud he certainly can be! 

Thank you for telling us about your journey and good luck with your next steps, Zoltán! ​ 

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Published June 14, 2023

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