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AdNovum offers world-class solutions for established players as well as startups.


From peer-to-peer lending to payments and from crowdfunding to wealth management, financial technology - commonly referred to as fintech - promises to make processes more efficient and user-friendly, while also reducing costs. Disruptive models may even render processes obsolete that we have become accustomed to. As a recognized specialist at the interface of information technology and financial services, AdNovum is the partner of choice when it comes to supporting your business in designing and delivering fintech projects.


Ultimately, the success of a fintech project will depend primarily on the business model. But execution counts, too, and getting the technology right is crucial. Skimp on security and your users will lose confidence in your solution. Worse still, the regulator may step in. Nobody will sign up to your service if your onboarding process isn‘t simple, smooth and fast. Launch too late, and a competitor will have established himself in your space and, due to network effects, you will hardly stand a chance of supplanting him. The winner takes it all.

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Depending on your business model, risks, including financial ones, can be mitigated by engaging a specialist partner. For example, a startup should consider if it will be capable of identifying, attracting and retaining the right software talent. A large established institution wishing to launch a fintech project will need to examine how well its processes and culture fit into the dynamic fintech ecosystem.



Owing to the breadth and flexibility of our services, we are in a unique position to deal with the special challenges of fintech projects. Our clients benefit from our understanding of the financial services industry, our profound information security and IT security expertise and international perspective. We excel at designing solutions that users love to engage with, and launch them more rapidly than anyone else. Moreover, recent fintech projects taught us many valuable lessons, and we are happy to share them with you.

We have built and launched a number of award-winning fintech solutions which have successfully established themselves in the market. It is very well possible that you actually use one of our solutions.


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Learn about the top success factors in fintech projects - compiled by our experts.

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Are you looking to launch an innovative digital service or product in the finance sector? B2C or B2B, national, regional or global – regardless of your focus, you will find there are unique challenges to fintech projects. Together with our clients, we’ve already successfully mastered them. Our specialists would be pleased to support you in

  • technology strategy and architecture
  • security
  • user interaction and customer experience design
  • agile solution implementation and rapid market launch
  • platform and applications hosting, operation, support and maintenance

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Kornel Wassmer, Head Market Unit Banking

Kornel Wassmer Head Market Unit Banking