Cyber Security

Security is often considered the Achilles heel of modern applications. To prevent this, we ensure that security is prioritised from day 1 - the conception and architectural design stages - for every solution we deliver. Security aspects are therefore thoroughly checked at every step, from the implementation process through to the system configurations, for a production environment.

Cyber Security Assessment

More organisations are pursuing digital transformations without evaluating the inherent risks, leading to security breaches that impact both profit and customers' trust.


Conduct a cyber security assessment and put your IT landscape under the microscope. Gain absolute clarity on where your risks lie and enable a secure - hence successful - digital transformation.

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  • Make security an asset

    With AdNovum's security suite NEVIS you take advantage of the leading Swiss identity and access management (IAM) solution. The biggest online banking portals as well as the biggest government portals in Switzerland trust NEVIS to cover all their requirements. NEVIS can be used for both customer-facing and internal IAM. Read more about NEVIS here.

    Don't let security stop your digitization program

    Providing efficient and user-friendly onboarding and self-service are key to a successful launch of new services. Benefit from our experience in introducing identity and access management in numerous portal and e-commerce projects. We help you define an appropriate role-based access model to ensure a good balance between least-privilege and ease of operation requirements.

    Get an assessment based on industry best practice

    Having implemented web-based systems, mobile applications and security solutions, we look at existing applications and infrastructures not just from a theoretical point of view but with in-depth practical experience. In addition, we use standard frameworks such as ISO2700x and COBIT. This results in pragmatic and realizable security concepts and solutions.

    Balance security with user-friendliness

    Users today want secure solutions yet they don't want security to hinder their work processes. Applications therefore need to become smarter, giving users as much functionality as possible and only engage users with high-security mechanisms when absolutely necessary. We help you design an infrastructure that ideally balances these requirements.

    Use Security Solutions to save money

    We help you identify the best approach and solution components that allow your customers, employees or external specialists to save resources with an efficient onboarding process, reduce your helpdesk costs significantly thanks to self-service solutions, and minimize compliance risks during daily entitlements granting with the support of workflows.

    Thomas Zweifel, principal IT consultant at AdNovum, about the different identities in companies.


    We cover the following activities and tasks:

    • IT and cyber security assessment (based on ISO 27001)
    • Mobile security assessment
    • Identity and access management readiness assessment
    • Identity and access management concept (identities, roles, authentication, federation, provisioning, operation)
    • Identity and access management product implementation (AdNovum NEVIS, Oracle Identity Manager, Dell Identity Manager, Novell/NetIQ Identity Manager)
    • Custom security solution implementation
    • Portal and application security concept and implementation
    • Anomaly detection and adaptive security
    • Security strategy (roadmap, objectives, prioritization, budgeting/costing, risk assessment, solution/product evaluation)
    • NEVIS security suite

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    Aldo Rodenhäuser, IT Consultant

    Aldo Rodenhäuser Head of Security Consulting

    Hans Burger Head of IAM Consulting