Single Sign-on for FDJP Applications

The Federal Department of Justice and Police deals with socio-political issues such as internal security, citizenship and asylum issues.

The project

The FDJP operates more than 200 applications used by approx. 40’000 employees – from customs officer to registrar – in their daily work. In order to manage user access centrally and to provide user-friendly authentication, the FDJP planned to introduce a single sign-on (SSO) portal.

  • The goal: To integrate all applications of the FDJP into a single security and authentication infrastructure and to facilitate authentication for users.
  • The process: AdNovum built a modular portal infrastructure, incl. clearly defined interfaces, that is loosely integrated into the application landscape. The new portal is based on specific security components, securing authentic application access.
  • The result: The SSO portal integrates more than 200 applications and supports various authentication methods such as userID/password, SecurID and X.509 certificates. The users need to enter their login credentials only once to access all the applications they are authorized for.

Technologies used:

  • Open Source
  • Java EE
  • Apache, Open SSL
  • NEVIS components
  • Corba, fat clients, web services
  • Web applications (Java/.Net)
  • Proprietary protocols (Citrix)

The benefits

Benefits for the FDJP and its users:

  • The SSO portal is mission-critical for the FDJP
  • It provides a central entry point to all the applications of the FDJP
  • It is available 24/7 across the globe
  • It supports various protocols and authentication methods
  • Users need to authenticate only once to access all the applications they are authorized for


The customer

The Federal Department of Justice and Police has a wide range of responsibilities. It deals with socio-political issues such as the co-existence of Swiss and foreign nationals, asylum matters, internal security and the fight against crime. Marital status and citizenship issues are also just as much part of the FDJP's brief as corporate governance, gaming supervision, or the drafting of codes and instruments for international legal assistance and police cooperation.


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Stefan Hediger, Managing Director Public Sector

Stefan Hediger Managing Director Public Sector