Identity Management for FDJP Applications

Centralized user data management based on nevisIDM

The identity management solution of the FDJP’s SSO portal administers data, access rights and credentials of 40‘000 users.

To allow a more efficient and cost-effective operation of the FDJP’s SSO portal, the existing user administration was replaced by nevisIDM. To this end, a new standardized SOAP interface was developed and the database migrated. The nevisIDM GUI serves to administer data (name, UID, roles, area, etc.) of approx. 40'000 users. The new solution allows to delegate administration to the responsible people of the respective organizational units. The portal provides various login procedures and access to approx. 200 applications through a single security infrastructure. Export jobs and nevisDP provision the data to further surrounding systems.


In this project, AdNovum was involved in the specification and carried out all the necessary engineering and integration tasks.


  • Centralized authorization management
    • Authorizations based on application roles
    • Centralized credentials (PW, certificates, SecurID) management
    • Controlled assignment of access rights
    • Centralized overview of data and information security
  • Approx. 40’000 users, from the customs officer to the registrar
  • Mission-critical for the FDJP, integrates over 200 applications
  • Availability 24/7, worldwide access


  • Nevis components:
    • nevisIDM
    • nevisDP (dataporter for provisioning)