Identity Management for the FDJP

The Federal Department of Justice and Police deals with socio-political issues such as internal security, citizenship and asylum issues.


The project

The FDJP's single sign-on portal (SSO portal) integrates all applications of the FDJP into a single security and authentication infrastructure. It is used by more than 40’000 users. In order to operate the portal more efficiently, the FDJP was looking for a new identity management solution.

  • The goal: To operate the SSO portal in a more efficient and cost-effective way.
  • The process: New standard SOAP interfaces and database migration. A nevisIDM GUI allows managing the data of approx. 40’000 users (name, UID, roles, area, etc.) and AdNovum supported the FDJP with the specification as well as the necessary development and integration work.
  • The result: The new solution enables those responsible for the individual organizational units to manage the data independently.

Technologies used:

  • nevisIDM
  • nevisAuth
  • nevisProxy
  • nevisDP (dataporter for provisioning)

The benefits

Benefits for the FDJP and its users:

  • The nevisIDM GUI allows managing the data of approx. 40’000 users:
  • The individual organizational units are able to manage their user data independently.
  • nevisIDM allows for a centralized management of permissions (controlled granting of permissions based on application roles, central management of credentials, such as password, certificates and SecurID, and overview of data and information protection).


The customer

The Federal Department of Justice and Police has a wide range of responsibilities. It deals with socio-political issues such as the co-existence of Swiss and foreign nationals, asylum matters, internal security and the fight against crime. Marital status and citizenship issues are also just as much part of the FDJP's brief as corporate governance, gaming supervision, or the drafting of codes and instruments for international legal assistance and police cooperation.


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Stefan Hediger, Managing Director Public Sector

Stefan Hediger Managing Director Public Sector