Singpass 2FA Setup | Corppass Integration Singapore

Challenges we help overcome via Singpass / Corppass integration:

  • Using OIDC authentication protocol, we integrate Singpass and Corppass (corporate pass) with your existing applications, in Singapore and worldwide
  • Integrating Singpass 2FA with existing and legacy applications
  • Integration with MyInfo, granting users greater ease for multiple online transactions
  • MyInfo Business integration, saving transactional time with higher data quality and improving customer experience.
  • Interoperating various security solutions/ products to fulfil respective security requirements
  • Minimise integration efforts required to leverage Corppass authentication and authorisation services in e-services
  • Future-proof e-services by configuring them to accept future Corppass/ Singpass enhancements
  • Enable Single Sign-on (SSO) for multiple applications integrated within the same ecosystem
  • Set up applications to re-trigger Singpass / Corppass authentication with 2fa for selected 'sensitive' transactions

Why Organisations and Governments Trust Our Security Solutions

  • A product-based solution capable of scaling to enterprise levels
  • Reduces total cost of ownership over the long-term
  • Layered security contributes to a secure digital environment
  • Out-of-the-box implementation capabilities
  • Options for appliance and non-appliance implementations

Our Track Record

Federal Office of Information Technology | Federal Office of Communications | Federal Department of Justice and Police | Swiss Federation of Notaries | Federal Office for Agriculture

Swisscom | Mercedez Benz | Notenstein | PostFinance | Segetis | UBS | SFS Group | Helvetia | Die Mobiliar

Corppass is the only login method for online corporate transactions with more than 140 government digital agencies. Learn how your organization can leverage on SSO and re-trigger 2FA to enjoy additional value when integrating Singpass and Corppass.

The Singapore Singpass / Corppass applications are aligned with the National Digital Identity initiative.

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We are committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information while offering a reliable 2FA and MyInfo integration for Singpass and Corppass. Your information will only be used to give you updates and information on a regular basis. We will never send your personal information to a third-party or government agency, and we never sell, rent, or lease our mailing lists to third parties. Be protected with AdNovum solutions, visit our contact page for enquiries!